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Office of Charter Schools

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The Office of Charter Schools is the district liaison for charter schools.  We oversee the charter school’s compliance with the Nevada Revised Statutes and the Nevada Administrative Code and provide charter school information to the public.

The Clark County School District sponsors seven charter schools.  Working in conjunction with other CCSD departments, we provide technical and other reasonable assistance to the charter schools.  CCSD as a charter school sponsor is prohibited from interfering with charter operations except to ensure the charter program complies with state standards, follows the NRS, properly accounts for tax dollars and allows no threats in the school environment to the welfare and safety of students and staff.

What is a charter school?

A charter school is a public elementary, middle and/or high school.  It operates under a charter or contract issued by a public entity such as a local school board or state board of education.  Individual states determine in its charter school legislation what rules must be adhered to, what rules may be waived, and what procedures must be followed to obtain a charter.  Charter schools are funded with taxpayer dollars and receive the same per-pupil allocation from the state as the school district does.

In return for autonomy, charter schools are held accountable for student performance. Each charter school has its own governing body that directs its operations.  If the goals of the school set forth in the charter are not reached, the school’s charter may be revoked.



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