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Who can enroll in a charter school?

Because charter schools are public schools, supported with tax dollars, they must be open to all students.  If there are more applicants than seats, charters are to conduct a lottery, or some other non-discriminatory selection process, to ensure that all interested students have an equal opportunity to attend the charter.  If space is available, students residing in other Nevada counties may attend a charter school located in Clark County.

How do I enroll my child in a charter school?

Each charter school has its own enrollment procedures and time of enrollment. Contact individual schools you are interested in for paperwork and times students can be enrolled.

Do charter schools have to provide services for special education students?

Charter schools are required by law to provide educational and related services for students with special needs.  In cases where students have extreme needs, however, the law does permit the charter and the sponsoring district to work together to place the student in an appropriate program in a district school. 

If I have a complaint about a charter, whom should I contact?

You should work with the charter school to resolve your concerns, since the charter school functions independently of the district.  Each school has their own complaint process that needs to be followed. It starts with the contacting the teacher and/or the school leader. However, if you feel there is a violation of law, it is appropriate to contact the sponsor of the charter school.

What oversight authority does the district have over charter schools?

Law prohibits the local district from interfering with charter operations.  At the same time, the district is expected to ensure that the charter program is in compliance with state standards; follows the NRS; that tax dollars are properly accounted for; and that there are no threats in the school environment to the welfare and safety of students and staff.  The sponsoring district or state entity must submit a year-end report on each charter school’s progress in achieving its goals.

What schools are distance education?

Delta Academy and Odyssey are the CCSD sponsored distance education charter schools. The SPCSA sponsored distance education charter schools are Beacon Academy of Nevada, Nevada Connections Academy, Nevada Virtual Academy, and Leadership Academy. Nevada Learning Academy is CCSD's distance education school.

How to apply to open a charter school?

CCSD has a moratorium on sponsoring new charter schools. All new applications would be under the State Public Charter School Authority. Please contact them at 775-687-9174 or visit their website,, for more information.




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